The historic season from Upson-Lee tennis would not have such a large storyline if it were not for the dramatics on April 22. A successful season looked like it was nearing a grim defeat as the Knights trailed 2-1 to Appling County. The Knights had their backs against the wall. Appling County needed just one more set on the first doubles court to send them to the Elite Eight.

A quiet crowd from Knights Country began to buzz as Grayson Shepherd and Jed Weatherford rallied to lead 4-3 in the second set. They won the game and kept the momentum rolling. The duo went up 4-0 in the next game and looked to be running away with the flow of the game until a controversial line call went in favor of the visitors.

Shepherd was visibly rattled by the call, and it allowed Appling County to come back and win the game.

Following the game, Coach Bosworth and Weatherford had a long talk with Shepherd and helped him regain his composure. They both understood his importance in completing the comeback and continuing the season for the Knights.

From that moment, the Knights went on to win the next game and take their match 2-1. Shepherd showed his maturity by being able to bounce back and Weatherford showcased his leadership by helping the younger teammate in a big moment.

The doubles win set up John Hernandez to win his singles match and send Upson-Lee to its first ever Elite Eight.

Looking back on one of, if not the best, moments of the 2020-2021 sports season, it all could have fallen apart after the line call. However, the Knights kept fighting and proved that they were the best team to ever play tennis for Coach Tim Bosworth.

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