With SEC football in full swing, I thought that I would test my readers’ knowledge of SEC football. Good Luck!

1. At which of the following SEC schools has Jimbo Fisher not coached?

(A) Texas A&M; (B) Auburn; (C) LSU; (D) Ole Miss.

2. What SEC school plays its home games at Kroger Field?

(A) Missouri; (B) Kentucky; (C) Vanderbilt; (D) Mississippi State.

3. Which of the following schools has never played in the SEC championship game?

(A) Ole Miss; (B) Tennessee; (C) South Carolina; (D) Mississippi State.

4. At what school did Nick Saban play college football?

(A) Western Kentucky; (B) Kent State; (C) Ball State; (D) Central Michigan.

5. What SEC has the stadium with the largest seating capacity?

(A) Texas A&M; (B) Tennessee; (C) LSU; (D) Georgia.

6. What SEC head coach never played college football?

(A) Dan Mullen; (B) Clark Lea; (C) Mike Leach; (D) Sam Pittman.

7. With 125 games, what is the most played rivalry in the SEC?

(A) Florida vs. Alabama; (B) Tennessee vs. Alabama; (C) Auburn vs. Georgia; (D) Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State.

8. In SEC history there have been three seven-overtime games. What school has played in two of them?

(A) Arkansas; (B) Georgia; (C) Auburn; (D) Ole Miss.

9. Since 1979, what SEC school has had the most overall number 1 picks in the NFL draft with three?

(A) (Auburn); (B) LSU; (C) Alabama; (D) Florida.

10. With 292, what coach has the most career wins while coaching at an SEC institution?

(A) Nick Saban; (B) Robert Neyland; (C) Steve Spurrier; (D) Bear Bryant.

11. Which of the following schools was once a member of the SEC?

(A) Florida State; (B) Tulane; (C) Louisville; (D) Mercer.

12. What SEC school has appeared in the most overtime games with 21?

(A) Arkansas; (B) Auburn; (C) Kentucky, (D) Tennessee.

How do you think you did? Check your answers with the correct ones listed below. No cheating now!

1. (D); 2. (B); 3. (A); 4. (B); 5. (A); 6. (C);

7. (C); 8. (A); 9. (A); 10. (D); 11. (B); 12. (D).

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