To the Editor:

This Plant Vogtle [debt] is the devil that has come home to Upson County.

Upson County Commission and Thomaston City Council [have] done more damage to Thomaston and Upson for the past 20 years and it has finally come home with this nuclear plant debt that the county should have never got tied up in the first place!

If they had not been so obsessed with closing R.E. Lee High School and consolidating Lee with Upson High and dropping the name R.E. Lee, which it should have been done the opposite way, they should have dropped the Upson High and [kept] it R.E. Lee Rebels!

But enough of that, let’s get back to Plant Vogtle.

There [are] two ways out of this. One is to do what Jacksonville, Fla. did years ago – the city built their own power plant to supply power for Duval County and the tri-county area.

If the Thomaston City Council had had one or two visionaries instead of property tax raisers giving every dime to these Communist Georgia schools teaching our children to be little Chairman Maos, they could have gotten Upson and the tri-county area to come together and invest in building a hydro-electrical plant on Flint River that is safe for the environment, called it Upson Electric, plus with the dam that would have to be built, would produce a nice lake for people to enjoy.

But no, we can’t do that, we have to build a courthouse we don’t need, squeeze every dime out of Upson senior citizens, and leave them out in the cold.

Well, enough of that, back to Plant Vogtle.

The second thing they can do is take half of the county school tax money and half of the county and city’s savings and pay on the Georgia power debt. Let these schools eat dirt for a while instead of Upson senior citizens and hard-working taxpayers!

Hydro-electric is safer, but a little more work, and not as expensive as nuclear power. We have a big Flint River in our back yard… Why not use it in a way that will benefit everyone?

I remember, years ago, they tried to build a dam on the Flint to create a lake, but that got shot down. Now it’s coming back to bite us.

Plus, think of the jobs and the money that would be coming into Upson from surrounding counties who are part of the electric co-op instead of paying Georgia Power this money. We need to break away from Georgia Power. If Jacksonville, Fla. and other cities can do it, why not Thomaston and Upson County?

In short, you need a city council and county commission that can do more than just raise taxes and fees. But that’s all they know how to do. They can’t govern because they can’t think outside the tax-and-spend box they have locked themselves, and us, in.

It’s time to slash that big county education budget and use it toward this big problem!

John Scott Pettis

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