To the Editor:

Every time I pass the construction site for this unnecessary justice center, I feel like throwing up!

Every time I pass the old courthouse, I see how irresponsible “Ten Times” is with our tax money. He spent millions of our tax money on the outside of this building and not a dime on the inside. The reason that anything needed immediate attention was the courtroom problem, not being able to hear, and security. It would not have cost a fraction of $20 million to address those problems.

If Ten Times did what anyone with any common sense would have done with our tax money, he could not justify this justice center and the future jail I think he intends to build at this location.

Just look at what $20 million could have done: repairing and paving our streets, sewer systems, raises for our county employees.

Just look at what not spending $20 million in tax dollars unnecessarily could have done. Lowering our taxes would have been on the top of the list.

Another jail at this location would be another million-plus dollars.

We need to say “no more tax money” to Ten Times and his crew of commissioners. If we are foolish enough to re-elect Ten Times and his crew, they will tax us out of Upson County.

Ken Whaley

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