To the Editor:

Why would someone want to live in Thomaston?

Well, I’ll tell you why I moved to Thomaston after retiring from the railroad. I wanted to live in a small town. I didn’t want to deal with the crime in a bigger town. The property was cheaper, people are friendlier, and crime rates are lower.

Well, I have lived here about 20 years. I don’t get offended by a name on a building. I do get offended when these politicians constantly want to change Thomaston from a small town to something they imagine is a better place.

They want a new courthouse (a justice center) that will cost $60 million, not $20 million. They want something like Clayton County has. Well, I didn’t want to live in Clayton County. They want to extend the SPLOST tax to pay for it. Well, it wouldn’t pay for a third of the cost.

They think this would solve the so-called “problem” with the government offices at the old R.E. Lee High School. They also want real nice offices so they will feel more important than they really are.

We are holding elections and most of these politicians need to be replaced with people who are satisfied with what we have. Someone who would not spend our tax money foolishly. Well, good luck electing someone that would fit the bill.

For God’s sake, let’s don’t ruin this small town.

Ken Whaley

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