To the Editor:

To share my opinion of this Confederate statue discussion here in Thomaston, it is my feeling that one board member is attempting to divide our community.

Does this female have the right to speak for me? Does this female have a right to be biased and speak for the District 3 community? Is the war over? Are we still fighting the Civil War? I know we are still fighting for our civil rights! Is this female continuing to fight for The Lost Cause? A cause that was immoral to begin with. Does this female community relations leader in District 3 realize what the definition of community defines? Is it not time to remove this prejudiced voice of the District 3 people?

Since this District 3 subjective, opinionated, female person is speaking for my district, I do not want this to be a part of my voice or my opinion! I shout REMOVAL! Do not speak for me! Have you petitioned the District 3 residents? Is this District 3 female representing ALL the people or assuming she may take ownership for the voice of ALL the people. This District 3 female reminds me of Rip Van Winkle falling asleep, and waking up thinking all is still the same.

Rip Van Winkle: He trusted the dwarfs (as we as citizens of the U.S. government trusted our leaders) only to discover, once we finally wake up, that after the surface is scratched, the bigotry, racism, and Jim Crow exists in the shadows. Twenty years is the same as 200 years. A proclamation of emancipation with 40-foot statues that embellish, sustain, and support decades of slavery is no way to move forward with peace in the world! Rip Van Winkle was an amicable man, and he was betrayed by the dwarfs. Once he woke up, they were nowhere to be found, but the remnants of their betrayal were rampant!

To say that R.E. Lee is just a name, how absurd! The leaders of most of the Jim Crow people and some of the government have glorified R.E. Lee and other slave supporters. To believe it’s just a name is just ridiculous. The female person that sits on the Community Relations Board should never be the voice for ALL the people. One voice does not a community make. And to see that this one female person’s voice is leading our community, it frightens me of the future of possible accelerated riots, protests, and the fall of Thomaston as a community.

The State of Georgia with its laws to protect these images of slavery is the proof that government is biased. To be equal, erect a 40-foot statue directly alongside every confederate commemoration and etch in stone the rest of the story!

It’s the state law! Then change the state laws. We have amendments to the constitution. Think about it!

Wake up, District 3 Community Relations Committee person!

Joseph “JB” Burke

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