One of the reasons you should be thankful for making Thomaston your home is water. We have an abundance of it (but not too much to cause trouble). Count us lucky AND blessed.

I was listening to CBS “Sunday Morning” (7/18) and learned about the severe drought and forest fires out west. Have you seen pictures of Mead Lake (Hoover Dam) American, San Joaquin, Sacramento, Santa Monica, Krauth, Russian, Salmon, and Mad Rivers? All of them, as well as their connecting lakes, reservoirs and dams, are at an all-time low. North California is more than one full year behind in precipitation, with a deficit since July 2019 of 25 inches. They have a right to be in a panic as they prepare for another volatile fire season. Fresh water we cannot live without.

As a country, we get a lot of our vegetables, nuts, fruits, and citrus from the west but the drought forced California farmers to fallow 500,000 acres of farm land. According to the latest analysis, California is in a drought condition with 26 percent of the state classified as "exceptional drought" (the highest category). There is a great risk that salt water will find its way into fresh water supplies. In any case, be prepared for higher food costs.

How are the limited water resources being prioritized? No washing of cars, watering the lawn, swimming pools, and taking showers together (once per week) may even be mandated. When was the last time these mandates went into effect in Thomaston? Did someone say NEVER?

Water (H2O) has no calories, odorless, transparent, and tasteless, and vital for every lifeform. It is also the most destructive force on earth mostly because it expands and contracts. At room temperature it is a liquid, below freezing it is a solid, and above boiling it is as thin as air (vapor) that ascends to the heavens as part of an unending cycle that become clouds and returns to us as rain in the summer as well as ice and snow in winter but eventually returning to the oceans.

Three quarters of all the fresh water on earth is used for agriculture. The first time I met a refrigerator, I wanted some cold water, so I filled a bottle of water and placed it into the freezer compartment and it wasn’t long before there was an explosion as the frozen water expanded and shattered the bottle. Imagine my surprise and embarrassment! Now you know where potholes come from in our roads. Have you seen the Grand Canyon? It was entirely made by the Colorado River in a few million years.

Over 70 percent of the earth is covered by water. This includes our mighty oceans, ice caps, glaciers, lakes, rivers, streams, and about two percent is groundwater accessible by wells.

Most of our bodies (as well as all living things) are made up of water that needs to be replenished about a gallon per day. Swimming, boating, surfing, fishing, ice skating, and skiing would not be possible without this key ingredient.

While I wish them well in recovering from this drought, I am in Thomaston enjoying the green, green grass of home as well as the verdant trees topped off with flowers and eating succulent and delicious fruits and vegetables from local growers. Aren’t we lucky!

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