Last week, I described Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan as the “biggest, most disgraceful, disastrous event in decades that will leave an indelible stain on America that will rank alongside the calamity when we left Vietnam in disgrace.”

I grossly underestimated the damage these buffoons would continue to cause. This is the greatest foreign policy disaster in our history. It will haunt us for decades.

Since I wrote that, the glaring... the astonishing… INCOMPETENCE of Biden and those surrounding him has been magnified exponentially. By orders of magnitude. All of them, each time they open their mouths, leaves one shaking his head in disbelief.

As painful as it is to say, what has been termed as a “withdrawal” appears more and more like unconditional surrender. Biden/Democrats have destroyed all confidence in the US with NATO and other allies. The world is a far more dangerous place now.

What kind of President... Secretary of Defense... Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff... Secretary of State... pulls the SOLDIERS OUT FIRST? Then abandons the airfields that are the only way out... abandons tens of thousands of American citizens/personnel/hostages to make their way miles and miles through hostile territory controlled by tens of thousands of the most violent, sadistic fanatics on the planet, that have killed, maimed, and mutilated thousands of our soldiers and tens of thousands of their own people??? Unfreakin-believable. A child knows better.

What kind of President... Secretary of Defense... Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff... Secretary of State... leaves behind $50-$85 billion worth of the most sophisticated American weaponry to arm the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, who waltz in to pick up like Santa Claus just visited? It is so staggering... so incomprehensible, words can't describe it. The excuse… “leaving it’s cheaper than getting it out.”

Biden said that Americans would not see images of U.S. evacuation from Vietnam at the end of that war in 1975. But images of helicopters evacuating diplomats from the roof of the U.S. embassy in Kabul began circulating as Taliban converged on Afghanistan's capital, side-by-side with images of helicopters evacuating the Kabul embassy on Sunday and doing the same in Saigon in 1975.

As if that was not disturbing enough, the world has been treated to the images thousands panicking, chasing U.S. C-17s with hundreds of people packed in like cattle. We've seen people clinging to wheels and carriages of the Giant C-17s then falling to their deaths. Others body parts found crushed and frozen in wheel wells. When a reporter pointed this out to Biden, good ole Joe barked… “That was four days ago, five days ago!" This coming from a guy that routinely condemns our country and citizens for things that happened 100/250/400 years ago. What a disgrace.

While Biden is certainly the main culprit in this debacle, the thing that is so alarming is Biden and his so-called team of advisors, the woke Secretaries, Milley, the woke Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, are the best the Democrats have. Milley declared, “There was nothing that I saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days.” Well, that’s THE problem, isn’t it? Duuhhh. Good grief. This is their A-Team.

There have been rumblings of getting rid of Biden, resignation, impeachment/25th amendment, whatever. And do what… install Kamala Harris, the cackling VP woman of color that’s whiter than me; that received less than one percent of the vote during the primary? That fled along with Joe to hide out when “the Pelosi hit the fan” over Afghanistan? Replace him with what?

And for the apologist, propagandist, Biden and the radical Democrats’ that say the reason for this failure is Biden inherited Trump’s plan… Bull****. Trump’s plan called for an honorable, dignified withdrawal with the threat of serious consequences if interfered with by the Taliban or anyone else. A threat that they knew from experience was real and deadly serious.

Biden did with the Afghan withdrawal he inherited the same as he did with the safe and secure border he inherited that is now a gaping wound… the vaccine he inherited that he has blown getting folks to take… the number one gas and oil producing economy in the world he inherited and destroyed as his FIRST act as President… the U.S. as the leader of the Free World he inherited and is now a laughing stock to ally and enemy alike. Biden and the Democrats inherited these things… they destroyed them all.

Someone said, “Weakness is the greatest provocation.” Our Enemies are on the prowl, you can rest assured. Now thanks to Biden and the Democrats, we reek of weakness. To our enemies, it is blood in the water and Joe Biden is the only thing standing between us and them. Just as he was the only thing standing between the Taliban and a successful honorable withdrawal.

God help us.

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