Since the United States and American citizens were ambushed by Joe Biden and the racist/Radical/Marxist/Communist/Nazis in the modern Democrat Party that seized control in a rigged election, the normal, decent, hard-working Americans of all races and all political persuasions have been trying to figure out what these maniacs are doing and why.

Why do I call them racist/Radical/Marxist/Communist/Nazis? Because anyone that knows history will recognize they share obvious similarities in what we are experiencing with the modern Democrat Party and these tyrannical, deadly, authoritarian ideologies that historically have resulted in the deaths and misery of tens/hundreds of millions. Of course, as we have learned, they always accuse others of being what they actually are: racists, Nazis, Fascists, etc.

They demand we shut up and take any and all insults. They spit in our faces calling us racist, not because we are, but because of their desire to divide us by skin color, then demand we surrender to their warped view and do nothing as they burn our cities.

They demand we take a vaccine after they have destroyed their own credibility and our trust with incompetence and lying, then crucify anyone that has a question, instead of convincing us it's a good thing.

They demand we/our kids wear masks as they trot about maskless at cocktail parties of the rich and famous. They demand that BLM, Antifa burning, looting, cities black/minority neighborhoods continue because that's what will save them from non-existent "White Supremacists.”

They demand we DEFUND POLICE, trying to convince us that police are the problem when 80-plus percent of all races want more police to protect them against the violent MOBS that are killing, looting, and burning.

They demand we pay $4/$5/$10 per gallon for gas while they scoot around in their $100,000 electrified Teslas, claiming to save the planet, but really to show off, pretending electricity is free and magically appears without generation plants run on fossil fuels, etc. Others board private jets and caravans of gas-guzzling limos to go to climate conferences in Europe to eat caviar and wagyu beef to save the planet, then demand we ignore they polluted what a medium-sized city does in a year to get there.

All we need to know is that is the reality, and THEY must be dealt with accordingly. First and foremost, we must stand up and REJECT everything and anything they say or do because as we have learned they lie, they distort, and they destroy all they touch, without exception. They must be stopped.

Americans are the kindest, most generous, trusting people on the planet, and to these radical goons that makes us the perfect target. They perceive our trust as weakness and take full advantage, much the same as a child molester does.

We were ambushed by a group of hate-filled, deranged, and vicious radicals that know only destruction. They have never built anything. Their only qualification is they have no qualifications. It's as if the leadership and their underlings were contestants in a stupid contest and all were awarded trophies.

Daily for years, we witnessed the fake news media, FBI, DOJ, CIA/Deep State bureaucracies blatantly lie about Trump and Russia, and now we finally find out EVERYTHING they said was a LIE! EVERYTHING! But they succeeded in stealing the election by doing it.

Now the racist black and white commentators on the likes of MSNBC/Joy Reid, CNN, etc. constantly call whites, "WHITE SUPREMACISTS," the new N-Word, using the most vile and vicious language possible without batting an eye. They’re so deranged they call blacks/anyone that disagrees, which is a lot, white supremacists.

The only difference between BLM, the fake news media, Democrat politicians and the other race baiter/race haters and the KKK is instead of burning crosses, they burn cities, instead of bullhorns they have microphones on national TV, instead of hoods and robes they wear silk ties, Armani suits, designer dresses, and get paid $millions a year by networks/big tech to do it.

They demand a 17-year-old boy, Kyle Rittenhouse, on trial for defending himself against being violently attacked and killed by three different white men, kills two, wounds one, is a white supremacist. All evidence shows it was clearly self-defense.

The so-called President and fake news media repeatedly before, during, and after the trial demanded he’s guilty of murder. He was righteously found NOT GUILTY! The Gestapo prosecutors tried to convince the jury and us, that defending ourselves against attack is a crime.

Thankfully the brave souls on the jury didn’t believe the lies and weren’t intimidated by the white supremacists in BLM/Black Lives Matter threatening to burn down Kenosha AGAIN. They did the right thing. Thank God they did.

The American people are awakening… and the Left-Wing Lynch Mob is a quaking.

"We must always demand so much that we can never be satisfied.” -Adolf Hitler

P.S… Let’s Go Brandon! …Let’s Go Fake News! ...Let’s Go Radical Democrats!

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