How can anyone take Joe Biden seriously? Chinese leaders don’t. Russian leaders don’t. Even the short, pudgy guy that runs North Korea doesn’t. It’s concerning, to say the least.

“Experts” on both sides of the aisle have begun questioning his cognitive ability, which is a nice way of saying he is a barely walking, barely talking, joke. If it weren’t for the cheat sheet he keeps in his inside jacket pocket, he would struggle to construct a coherent sentence. That’s not true, he struggles anyway.

Strength promotes peace at every level from schoolyard bully to world leader, and the United States seems weaker now than she has in four decades. Sadly, as frail and confused as Biden has been, there would be worse options in the order of succession. Career journalist Brit Hume, who served as ABC News chief White House correspondent, called Kamala Harris a “political lightweight.”

He’s too kind.

Next up, Nancy Pelosi. She certainly would steer this bus into oncoming traffic.

But back to Joe… Despite soaring crime rates, record illegal immigration, rising inflation and a falling stock market, and a workforce that would rather stay home, he said in a recent address that everything is moving along nicely.

In his previous “whispering” speech, he told businesses to raise wages if they wanted workers. In truth, his excessive entitlements have enabled those unemployed to hold businesses hostage. Now we’re moving toward guaranteed minimum income – that’ll fix it.

Of late, he attacked Facebook, one of the social media which helped him get elected by censoring discussion of his son Hunter’s laptop. In Biden fashion, he flip-flopped in less than 48 hours, walking back his comments about Facebook (someone must have reminded him that social media has been his friend).

His “misinformation” comments were “miscommunications,” according to White House Press Secretary and word salad specialist Jen Psaki. Poor Jen, I know she’s just doing her job.

Runaway Texas Democrat legislators posted a photo on social media showing the 60 lawmakers piled into a plane, sans masks, headed to Washington, D.C., which clearly has no extradition agreement with the Lone Star state. As I write this column, six of them have tested positive for COVID… If the plane had been filled with Republicans, it would have been a super-spreader event.

This group abandoned its responsibility, while still drawing a salary, to avoid voting on a bill which otherwise would pass. In addition to getting paid for not doing their jobs, they’re burning taxpayer dollars to pay for the trip and wasting taxpayer dollars at the Texas Legislature.

VP Harris called them heroes.

If I’m not mistaken, I think Republican members of the U.S. Senate could do exactly the same thing to block a vote desired by Democrats. Were that to happen, despite its similarity, I predict that Harris will not refer to Republican Senators as heroes.

While I’m making predictions, I believe (somewhere down the road) experts will tell us that exponentially more people were infected with COVID-19 than reported now, and will tell us that fewer people died from it than reported. But that’s for another column.

I read a recent study claiming that Biden has been subjected to less negative media coverage than any President in 30 years. The softball treatment comes on the heels of a Trump Presidency that received 90 percent negative coverage, according to similar studies.

The same study showed that only 16 percent of Americans trust news media “quite a lot” and 78 percent trust news media “very little.” The only institution with a lower trust rating is Congress. The study showed that police recently have gained the most favorability, and that public schools have lost the most favorability.

But we’ve all heard the phrase about the persuasive power of numbers: Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Or as Jen Psaki says… Lies, damned lies, and miscommunications.

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