A few of Joe Biden’s lawyers were changing the light bulb in his office closet when they happened upon some classified documents prior to the November 2022 midterm election. Two months later, Biden’s conscience compelled him to disclose the information – after news sources broke the story.

It had nothing to do with hiding the truth until the election had passed and a predicted “red wave” had been avoided. It was, in no way, similar to the suppression of his son Hunter’s nefarious activity which was memorialized on a laptop prior to the fateful election which placed Joe in the White House.

That’s believable, right?

Coverups of this magnitude are not accomplished by a single person or even a small group. It takes a collaborative effort of far-reaching entities like mainstream and social media, who are more than willing to turn a blind eye at the behest, or mere suggestion, of government agencies identified with three capital letters.

Now, that’s believable.

It’s believable because even those talking heads, normally beholding to the left, can no longer ignore the obvious, almost admitting to media malpractice because of their omission of the truth. They now must abandon claims of “nothing to see here,” and replace them with rationalizations of why “Biden’s possession of documents is nothing like Trump’s.”

Well, they’re right.

Biden’s attorneys found more documents while cleaning out his garage. Then they found more documents while changing the filters in his HVAC system. They found more, in the dryer, while doing some laundry. They dug up some papers while planting pansies. You get the picture.

Some of the documents have been lying around various Biden-related locations since his time as vice president under Obama, possibly further back to when he was a lowly congressman. This means his indiscretions far pre-dated his comments of disbelief at Trump’s irresponsibility.

What a pompous ass.

Yet, he stands in front of a television camera and says he “takes classified documents very seriously,” and, “There’s no there there,” which sounds more stupid every time I hear it. He takes it so seriously, he joked about them being piled beside his sports car.

Biden’s looking around, possibly for an escape route from reporters’ questions, but more likely for help explaining his own incompetence, and all he sees is an administration filled with equally incompetent people in key positions simply because they checked woke boxes.

WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre continues to repeat that she “has been very clear” and the President “has been very clear,” but follows with “I’m not going to comment,” “I’ll refer you to White House counsel,” or “I’m going to move on.”

My favorite Jean-Pierre bailout phrase is, “I’m not going to speak for the President.” I don’t use the word “literally” often, but Karine, that literally is in your job description - speaking for the President.

U.S. House Rep. Hank Johnson, Democrat who represents Georgia’s 4th District, offered a conspiracy theory by insinuating that Republican wrongdoers could have planted the documents in multiple places throughout Biden properties. Remember, Johnson is the genius who questioned whether the island of Guam would capsize if too much military equipment was located there.

A proud moment for our state.

Maybe Biden’s smugness comes from him being insulated from scrutiny for so many years. He was the VP of the first black President in our nation’s history, so criticism of that administration would have been tagged racist. Now, his VP is the first female and first black to hold that position… even more immunity, because criticism would be racist AND sexist.

But eventually, there’s too much “ridiculous” to ignore. The combination of arrogance and stupidity, mixed with hypocrisy and double standards, is amusing to watch… until eggs cost $7 a dozen.

No better than his predecessor’s self-proclaimed perfection, Biden will not take responsibility for his personal actions or negative trends in our country. He will point the finger elsewhere and tell us everything is fine, because he takes the Presidency “very seriously.”

WH Chief of Staff Ron Klain is the first high-ranking rat to jump from the sinking, Biden administration ship. I feel like there will be more to follow as the USS Biden slips further under water.

So, how many Biden lawyers does it take to change a light bulb? No need for a punchline - it’s in the Oval Office.

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Brian E

Great Article! Informative and entertaining!. Great Job War Eagle!

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