I know your life On earth was troubled,

And only you could know the pain;

You weren't afraid to face the devil,

You were no stranger to the rain.

Go rest high on that mountain,

Son your work on earth is done;

Go to heaven a-shoutin'

Love for the Father and the Son.

-Vince Gill

For 93 years, Ernest Dawson blessed the lives of everyone who crossed his path with his quick wit and sense of humor, his love for the Lord, and his compassion for others. On Jan. 19, my Pawpaw Ernest went home to be with The Lord.

Have you ever met someone that constantly radiates the love of God? If you have, consider yourself blessed. Pawpaw Ernest was the most kind and Christian man I ever knew. We weren’t related by blood, but he was a part of my family before I was born.

Ernest Dawson was my “adopted” grandfather, and I am so blessed to have had him in my life. A charter member of our church, he lived his life for God and for those around him. He was a truly selfless man who would never rest until everyone was taken care of. He saved little time for himself, because he was always working on a project for someone else or improving things around our church.

Pawpaw Ernest was a skilled builder who shared his gift with others. He built several houses, many cabinets, tables, and my infant crib (which still stands as strong as ever), to name a few.

Throughout our years together, he taught me the importance of loving others and showing compassion. He taught me that hard work is something to be proud of.

I will forever cherish the memories I have with him. Over the years, he began to physically decline, and I had the opportunity to help him with projects around the house. Whether I was changing light bulbs or cleaning the rain gutters, he made sure to oversee the projects to make sure it was all done right. It always brought me joy to see how proud he looked when I was helping him.

Every time I visited with Pawpaw Ernest, I was welcomed with a loud, “Luke Man!” I went to his house several days before he passed, and his welcome was just as passionate as ever. He struggled to get his words out that night and was a bit confused, but as we talked with each other, he held my hand tightly for at least 15 minutes before letting go. Of course, he made sure to mention that he needed a light bulb replaced in the living room.

Before I left that night, I gave him a hug and said, “Take it easy, I love you. Please rest.”

As clear as day, he responded, “OK, I will.”

I think we both knew it may be the last time we would see each other.

I’ll forever cherish the times we had together, and I’m blessed to have so many memories from over the years. While we may be left here without him, I will never forget the stories he shared, his boisterous laugh, and his joyous singing.

He’s been longing to go home for a long time, and it brings comfort to know that he is finally at rest.

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This is a beautiful tribute, Luke. Prayers for all of you!! 💗💗💗

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