As all decent, law abiding, patriotic Americans, black, white, brown, Republican, Democrat, Independent, watch in revulsion as the warped ideology of the radical Socialist Democrat Party, their shills in fake news media and their zombie army of unelected, unaccountable, career bureaucrats in the Deep State (CIA, DOJ, FBI, and military top brass) and big tech continue their mission to destroy the country and our freedoms, we, the people, are making a stand.

The surest way for them to succeed is for us to do nothing/say nothing. It is becoming more apparent each day these radical goons have no interest in trying to persuade us… Force and Intimidation are now their weapons of choice.

They know we know they are liars. They know we know they are corrupt to the bone. They know we know they are incompetent and everything they touch turns to crap. This infuriates them and we must be punished.

I’d like to make one thing clear: When I use the word radical to describe the radical Socialist Democrat Party, that does not apply to ALL Democrats. It applies to today’s Democrat Party leaders and the activists that control the Democrat Party and the government.

When I say radical, I mean just that… radical/militant/extremist. When three airliners were flown into the World Trade Center/Pentagon/crashed in a field in Pennsylvania killing 3,000 people, it was RADICALS that did it and radicals have done thousands of senseless atrocities in the past, present, and will in the future.

When the NAZIS, Communists and other despotic tyrants seized power, they were RADICALS. They rant, they rave, they burn, loot, destroy, murder. Initially they use persuasion to fool followers, but eventually… inevitably use FORCE combined with lies, deceit and corruption to secure and maintain their power. The less people believe their lies, the more FORCE is necessary.

This seems to be the point at which we find ourselves. More and more regular Americans Democrat/Republican/Independent are awakening to the fact that that the Biden administration and radical Socialist Democrat Party care NOTHING about America or regular Americans. NOTHING.

I swear to you if Republicans or Trump were doing this to our country, I would oppose them as vigorously as I do Biden and the Democrats.

When hundreds of thousands illegally flood the border unvaccinated/infected, spread across the country, but Americans Democrat, Republican, Independent, black, brown, and white are being forced to take a vaccine or get fired, what the hell is that? Radicalism.

When 70 percent of legal immigrants/Mexican-Americans and others are opposed to Biden and the radical Democrats’ destructive immigration policy, is that racist? That’s what we’re told. When 70 percent of black/African-Americans think voter ID should be required when voting, is that racist? That’s what we’re told.

When parents of every description across the country, black, white, brown, purple, green, and beige demand school boards STOP teaching their children (CRT) to HATE others based on the color of their skin, to stop teaching their children that there’s NO difference in a man and woman, that men get pregnant and menstruate, that it is fine to castrate adolescent boys and perform double mastectomies on teenage girls, having an identity crisis and the Biden administration’s Department of so-called Justice (DOJ) and fools in the fake news media call the parents domestic terrorists and deploy the FBI to intimidate and shut them up. That’s radical. We must unite and stand together and fight these insane tyrants.

Terry McAuliffe, long time Clinton lackey, former head of the Democrat National Committee (DNC), former governor of Virginia, and currently a candidate for governor in Virginia, summed up the radical Socialist Democrats’ view of parents that have a problem with and school administrators and boards when during a recent debate said, "I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

Need I say more about how much contempt they hold for regular folks and our rights? Any surprise that these tyrants are willing to call you, me, us domestic terrorists for speaking out against them? WE must stop them. NOW!

This is not isolated. It’s a continuation of a pattern since the election was stolen. It is why the Jan. 6 myth they invented and instigated is so important to them. Yeah, some dumba**** did something stupid and caused some damage at the Capital. Was it justifiable to turn the Capital into an armed camp with more troops surrounding it than are deployed in the Middle East and label everyone a domestic terrorist? Of course not.

It was just an excuse to label those that disagree with the radical Democrats as domestic terrorists/Insurrectionists just like they are labeling parents that speak out against what their children are being taught are now domestic terrorists.

Guess we need to sit down… shut up… wear our masks… get our shots… get neutered… or else!

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