Duh… if you read it on the internet, it must be true…

Remember those commercials that made fun of people who believed everything they read on the internet, especially social media platforms? Well apparently, the White House thinks people are completely ignorant and have no idea how to filter false from factual information. So, they have decided to help us out and get involved.

They think it is in the best interest of the American people for big government to censor what we read. Major news outlets sold out a long time ago, so no one should be surprised. The White House calls it collaborating, I call it control.

Last week during a press conference, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that the White House was collaborating with Facebook and other social media companies to censor misinformation, referring to Covid and the vaccine. But I believe if they are doing it on the pandemic and the vaccine, they are doing it across the board.

It’s massive government surveillance and control. Psaki said in response to a reporter’s question, that the government has ramped up its disinformation research and tracking. What she’s really saying is, “We are watching you… if you cross our line, we will muzzle you and have you banned from all social media outlets.”

I am thinking a better word for this type of collaboration is blackmail. Social media moguls have never been held accountable for disseminating misinformation on their platforms. Our new administration is basically blackmailing big tech companies saying that they will hold them accountable if they do not do what they tell them to do.

I guess they didn’t take President Trump seriously when he was trying to blackmail them with the old accountability threat. I mean they banned him on all social media outlets. One could only come to one possible conclusion: big tech must be scared of the new administration.

There has been a lot of chatter about big brother watching you over years, but now it’s been confirmed… by the White House. Pushing for absolute control, Psaki said, they wanted social media companies to work together too. If a person or group is blocked on one, they should be blocked on them all (ring any bells?).

Last week President Biden said Facebook was killing people because of misinformation… Their hypocrisy is never ending. Democrats did nothing to help with public trust concerning the vaccine or Covid 19 with their lies and misleading information, it was all over social media: “Covid 19 was Trump’s fault,” said every democrat in office. Harris said, “if Donald Trump said to take it, I won’t.” Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, serial sexual harasser and killer of old folks, said he “didn’t trust the vaccine (because of Trump’s involvement) and that New York would conduct their own investigation into in.”

I am not a fan of folks getting on social media and spreading bad information that lacks facts, but I have a brain. I am also not a fan of politicians sending out mass mailers through the USPS that have nothing but lies and misinformation on them, they all do it. But again, I have a brain.

Should the United States Post Office be held accountable for the BS that flows through it? Or should the folks who mail fake news, misinformation, and lies be held accountable?

Wonder how this administration would hold private companies accountable for dissemination of misinformation, when they are the biggest violators of them all? Especially the current administration.

I mean, “c’mon man,” they already control them, and by censoring what we read, they are trying hard to control us too.

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