For those of us that can stomach watching "the news" - using that term seems more and more absurd each day because THE NEWS is nothing more than pure radical Democrat/leftist/woke propaganda that, as the Twitter Files show, is ONLY what the FBI/CIA and DEEP STATE/NAZIS allow us to see - watching the unending humiliation, denigration, and destruction of our beloved country by these lying, pathetic attention whores, is unbearable.

It is like watching a swirling mass of floaters in the kiddy pool. It's grotesque, nauseating, and disgusting.

We watch as the Doofus-in-Chief/Biden, like an organ grinder's monkey, prostrates himself and "takes a knee" in front of the Golden State Warriors basketball team at the White House, one of the stupidest and most absurd acts of public self-mutilation/humiliation I/we have ever seen by any so-called leader.

Then we endure him spreading his arms and taking a bow as the fools in the audience clap and bark like trained seals for an encore.

I suppose we should be grateful this so-called President of the United States didn't drop his drawers and bend over on national/worldwide TV for applause.

Can you imagine what our enemies/adversaries or, for that matter, our friends, think of someone that is capable of such demeaning, bizarre antics? But this is, after all, the Democratic Party's version of the LEADER of the FREE WORLD. I suppose Democrat voters, many educated, white trash Yankee transplants, that just think they’re smart, and Democrat donors got what they paid for... Well, them and the Ukrainians... the Chinese... the Russians… and anyone else that found change in the sofa to buy a Biden.

The thought that this bumbling fool and his crackhead, sex pervert son were handling TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS, leaving them scattered around like litter on a city street, is only an exclamation point on what anyone with eyes can see… which is WE... THE COUNTRY is being dismembered and $OLD OUT by the criminal, corrupt Joe Biden and his family, and the radical, Marxist, Fascist Democrat Party.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without the full participation of the criminal corrupt DOJ/FBI leadership and the trained monkeys in social media and fake news as their partners in crime.

So, we find out Biden stole and hid TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS when he was Obama’s boy as vice president more than six years ago, and while he was a senator, then hid/stashed them at several different “UNSECURED LOCATIONS.”

Mysteriously, one batch of secrets was discovered before the midterm elections at what they call the Penn-Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania, a “think tank.” That should have been the first clue that something was amiss… Any time the words “Biden” and “think” are used in same sentence, you know something is terribly wrong.

Of course, that discovery of ILLEGALLY held top secret documents wasn’t disclosed until AFTER the midterm election. Can you say, “rigged election?”

Even after reported, did armed DOJ/FBI/Gestapo storm the Penn-Biden Center to secure the TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS as they did at Trump’s home? NO. Instead, Biden’s personal lawyers, none with security clearances, went in and did a crime scene cleanup before turning over what they didn’t destroy or hide.

Coincidentally, the Penn-Biden Center was built with more than $60 million in donations from guess who… Hold it… Hold It… CHINA! What a surprise! This money does not include the $10s of millions the Chinese paid Biden in crooked business deals.

Who did Biden put in charge of moving his offices/top secret papers to the center? “Kathy Chung,” Biden's former administrative assistant in the Vice President's office… yeah, Chung… I’m just saying.

As of writing this article, TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS have been found at five to six locations. I expect soon for classified ads in local newspapers to start advertising the “Top Secret Biden Document Yard Sale.”

One stash was found at one of Joe’s vacation homes under the watchful eye of his scraggly bearded crackhead/sex pervert son, Hunter, that if you’ve seen his videos, looks like some derelict river rat that just crawled out from under a bridge.

Hunter was renting the place from his dad for $50,000 per month, which wasn’t reported on taxes for either. Probably Joe’s - the Big Guy’s - 10 percent cut from the sale of secrets.

Hunter probably had plenty of help guarding OUR nation’s top secrets, considering he reportedly paid thousands of dollars a month for the services of Russian, and other, prostitutes. Documents, texts, and videos obtained by show Hunter Biden spent a staggering $30,000 on escorts in a five-month period.

Joe tells us, no worries, he has NO regrets about how the TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS were handled, Hell… they were in his locked garage along with his Snapper lawnmower, weed eater, guarded by a Sears and Roebuck garage opener, his pool boy and gardener, along with the prostitutes, pimp(s), and Hunter’s crack dealer, all of which are expert at security and getting away with crimes.

We are being sold out by these CORRUPT CRIMINALS. Ben Franklin said we have a Republic if we can keep it. We better get busy.

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