GFL August Rerouting Information

Commissioner James Ellington added to recent complaints regarding quality of garbage and trash service throughout the county during a board meeting last week, calling for a review of Upson’s contractual agreement with GFL Environmental.

GFL has been under fire from city officials and residents for weeks.

“I’ve received numerous calls this week, numerous calls throughout the month,” Ellington said. “As a commissioner, I sympathize with their issue, but ultimately we contract for a service… We pay them on time, we expect Upson County citizens to pay us on time, in turn they expect to receive a service. We’re not getting the service we’re paying for from GFL.”

GFL representative Bobby Cunningham has addressed the Thomaston City Council, citing workforce shortage as the company’s most critical challenge. Cunningham said GFL has added trucks to the local fleet, and has announced area rerouting scheduled to start Aug. 23.

“It’s inexcusable. I’m disgusted with the situation. People are calling constantly complaining,” Ellington continued. “I’d like for us to review that contract. I want solutions, not excuses, from GFL. Something needs to change, or I’ll be advocating for a change.”

In other business, commissioners voted unanimously to approve an insurance renewal increase from $558,000 to $590,892. In a presentation last week, Scott Boatright of McGriff Insurance Services told board members the largest percentage hike is in liability, and the highest line item is workers compensation. Claims have played a role in the increase, according to Boatright.

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