Thomaston City Council 2022

Back L-R: Don Greathouse and Ryan Tucker. Middle L-R: Jeff Middlebrooks and Deanne Wheeler. Front L-R: Oasis Nichols, Russell Thompson, Mayor J.D. Stallings, Doug Head, and Lakeitha Reeves.

Council members tentatively scheduled a public hearing and town hall for February to gauge feedback and gather input from city residents regarding possible amendments to the municipal charter and animal ordinance.

Among proposed changes, including some designed to bring the city charter into compliance with state statutes, is a recommendation by City Manager Russell Thompson to move from a plurality to a majority voting system for city elections.

Under the current “plurality” mandate, if three or more candidates run for city office, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes would win the election, regardless of turnout or percentages. Using this method, a small percentage of eligible voters could determine election outcomes.

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