Kevin Hasty is this year’s Thomaston Top Pop Contest winner.

The Upson Beacon recently opened submissions online for the Thomaston’s Top Pop Contest, where loved ones had the opportunity to share why their dad, granddad, stepdad, or “main man” is Thomaston’s Top Pop, with the opportunity to win $250 in local gift certificates. Extra points were awarded for sending in the best “dad joke.”

Tristen Helms submitted Hasty, who has been a dad for three years and in that time, “He’s cemented himself as the best daddy,” commented Helms. “Our little one, Harper, has been the light of his life since her very first breath. There is nothing and no one he loves more than his little girl. He works so hard every day and still finds the time to come home and pretend to be the Beast while she pretends she is Belle.

“You’ll never catch him slipping when she needs him. I once watched him dive like a baseball player when she was an infant and was about to fall off the couch. Needless to say, he made the catch. He wasn’t going to let her down when she asked him to be her princess best friend on Halloween, where they walked all over [the neighborhood] as Cinderella and Elsa. He was Elsa, and I have photo evidence.

“There isn’t a single passing moment he isn’t thinking about or working towards making her life better. Even beyond that, he is a phenomenal stepfather to my son. He loved him as if he were his own from the very beginning. Every choice he makes is made with the kids in mind. I’ve never seen such an unconditional and unwavering love in my entire life.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Kevin Hasty is surely the Top Pop of Thomaston. I mean, how many other dads dressed up like a princess in public on Halloween just to see his baby smile?”

Helms describes Hasty’s dad jokes as “situational,” providing the following example:

Tristen: Are you ready to leave?

Kevin: Not quite.

Tristen: Take your time. I’m not rushin’ you.

Kevin: Of course, you aren’t Russian me. You’re American you.

Congratulations to Kevin Hasty as being selected as Thomaston’s Top Pop and thank you to all who submitted for the contest.

Gift certificates can be picked up at The Upson Beacon, 219 Thomas Street in Thomaston, on Friday, June 24, between 9 a.m. and noon.

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