Our prayers and sympathy go out to the following: To the Miller and McCants family on the passing of Mr. Robert Lee (Hot Rod) McCants Jr.; to the Howard family on the passing of Mr. Roger Howard; to the Grantley, Traylor and Price family on the passing of Mrs. Annie Grace Price; to the Battle and Graddick family on the passing of Mrs. Lillian B. Graddick. We pray that God strengthens them during their time of sorrow.

Continued prayers for the sick and shut in: Mr. Henry Lyons, Ms. Suzette Sanders, Mr. Jamie T. Edmondson, and Mrs. Lena M. Daniels.

Anniversary wishes are extended to the following: Travis and Janaye Colbert will be celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary on Monday, Oct. 18. Larry and Barbara Davis will be celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, Oct. 19. Terry and Reeshemah Gray will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, Oct. 19. Best wishes on your special day.

Birthday wishes are extended to the following: Lora Gaines, Cassandra Anderson, Shatavia Fulton, Tyus Holloway, Bobby Dawson, LaMeisha Flemings – Oct. 14; Carolyn Hodges, Donald Climpson, Ernest Wilder – Oct. 15; Shermesa Saffold, Terrence Wolfork, Tricia Addison – Oct. 16; Greg Colbert, Carey Lee, Deborah Mathis, Tony Petty, Margie Andrews Howard, Anthony Travon Bloodser – Oct. 17; Edward Raines, LaVance Brown, Twana Raines, Henry Lyons, Gloria Jean Jordan, Kentavis Jones, Valerie Trice, Shermaine Smith – Oct. 18; Shenika Wilder Hoskin, Kimberly Slaten, Adrian (Buddy) Wilder, Aubrey Ivey Jr. – Oct, 19; Coretta Walker, April Owens Daniely – Oct. 20. Happy birthday to each of you.

Thought for the day:

I thought I was broken and needed fixing, but I was actually hurt and needed healing – two very different concepts.

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